Anybody with ceramic or stone floor tile knows only too well that cleaning grout is a pain – either a pain in the back or pain in the wallet.

When cleaning grout the choices are very limited; either manual scrubbing on hands and knees or paying a considerable amount for a professional grout cleaning company to do the hard work. To cure this pain we have developed the Grout Genie, a patented, breakthrough cleaning product that quickly, easily and inexpensively cleans grout – while being kind to your back and your wallet. really liked Grout Genie

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 “Grout Genie has made my life easier to be certain. I don’t have to get down on my...

Grout Genie: New Cleaning Product is Ready to be Put to the Test

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Grout Genie® is a newly-launched cleaning product that makes cleaning tile and grout a cinch....

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