Q: Do Grout Genie pads fit Swiffer® WetJet® spray mops?
A: Yes, the standard Grout Genie pads fit all Swiffer® WetJet® spray mops, while the Grout Genie XL pads fit most other spray mops.

Q: When will Grout Genie pads be available?
A: Grout Genie is available at Ingles Markets in – Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia.
Now available at Amazon.

Q: Where can I buy Grout Genie pads?
A: See our ‘Where to buy’ page to find an ecommerce site or retailer near you.

Q: What are Grout Genie Pads made of?
A: The patented Grout Genie Scrubbing pad is a super absorbent microfiber pad with a twin-row polypropylene bristle brush, all made in America. Grout Genie Cleaning & Finishing pads are made from the same super absorbent usamicrofiber cloth without the brush.

Q: Will Grout Genie Scrubbing pads harm my tiles or colored grout?
A:  No. Used as directed, Grout Genie pads non-scratch brush is safe on ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles as well as cured colored grout.

Q: Can I use Grout Genie Scrubbing pads on wood or laminate?
A: No. Grout Genie scrubbing pads should never be used on wood or laminate. The Grout Genie Cleaning & Finishing pad can be used on finished wood, laminates, vinyl or linoleum flooring.

Q: Why don’t my regular refill pads clean grout?
A: See our ‘About Grout Genie’ page.

Q: Will one Grout Genie Scrubbing pad clean all the grout in my entire house?
A: No. Depending on how dirty your grout is, each Grout Genie Scrubbing pad should clean around 500 linear feet (size of an average kitchen). Please note that the first time you use a Grout Genie Scrubbing pad, a considerable amount of dirt will be generated and you may need to use multiple pads to get your grout Grout Genie clean.

Q: Can Grout Genie pads be washed and reused?
A: No. We recommend that the pads be used only once and then disposed of in the trash. Do not flush.

Q: What are the directions for using Grout Genie Scrubbing pads?
A: Directions for use are:

  1. Prior to using Grout Genie pads, sweep or vacuum floor.
  2. Place Grout Genie Scrubbing pad (brush-side down) on the floor, lining up  the brush with the grout channel. Place the mop head on top of the pad and press down to secure the pad.
  3. Spray grout liberally with appropriate cleaning solution and use a back & forth scrubbing motion.
  4. After the grout is clean, use Grout Genie Cleaning & Finishing pads to pick up residue until your entire floor is clean.
  5. After use, discard pads in trash. DO NOT FLUSH.
  6. For finished wood, laminates, vinyl or linoleum flooring use only Grout Genie Cleaning & Finishing pads and clean your floors as you would normally.

Q: I am a retailer and would like to sell Grout Genie pads.
A: We would love for you to sell Grout Genie pads in your stores. Simply use our ‘Contact’ page and we will contact you personally.